Current Members:
Robby Schwartz (keyboards, trombone, vocals)

Chris Finelli (guitar, trumpet, vocals)

Dan Horstmann (drums, vocals)

Mark Schwartz (guitar, bass, vocals)

Amanda Ocasio (Saxophones)


Horn Section:​

Tim Rhone (trombone)

Tim Vyskocil (trumpet)

Matt Finelli (alto saxophone)

Special Guests:​
Seamus Barrett (bass, guitar, vocals)
John Domenico (guitar, vocals)
​Michael Patrick Dominick (guest vocals)

Our Story

Fairfield, CT, United States

The Lionfish is a Fairfield, Connecticut-based blues & rock band. Formed in 2012, it has now grown into a live-performance experience that anyone would want to hear! 

Its band members Robby Schwartz (keyboards, trombone, vocals), Chris Finelli (guitar, trumpet, vocals), Dan Horstmann (drums, vocals), Seamus Barrett (bass, guitar, vocals), and John Domenico (guitar, vocals) met while studying at Fairfield University. Coming from various backgrounds and influences each member brings a unique style to playing.

At its core, The Lionfish digs deep into the roots of american blues and rock 'n' roll. The band embodies soul, talent, and a creative energy that is hard to find!